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BenQ MH856UST 3500 Lumens DLP FHD Projector

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BenQ MH856UST projector is a total classroom interactive solution. It offers superior 1080p full HD image quality with ultra short-throw design, and optional PointWrite interactivity. The 3,500 ANSI lumen brightness and lamp life are enhanced by the SmartEco technology for long lasting, reliable and vibrant images. BenQ offers the best interactive proctor for classroom.

Amazing Big Picture in Ultra Short Distance

  • With an ultra short-throw projector, teachers can captivate students’ attention in class with a stunning 100” large projection image in a mere distance of 0.43 meters*.
  • *The projection distance of a mirror-type projector is calculated from the screen to the back of the projector.

mh856ust|FeatureBrilliant Image Performance

Spectacular Full HD 1080P Picture Performance

  • BenQ offers varies resolution of Ultra throw model to complete education solution in school.The full HD Ultra short throw projector can offer classroom a crisp, clear and accurate Full HD image quality. With MH856UST teachers can intrigue their class with full, magnificently colored multimedia contents in every lesson.

W1080ST+Non Full HD Picture Low Image Resolution

W1080ST+Full HD 1080P Picture Delicate Image Resolution

Interactive Learning with BenQ's Leading Technology

Foster Active Learning Through PointWrite Interactivity and Classroom Collaboration

  • Keeping students involved and engaged is a central practice in the BenQ Smart Classroom concept- simply integrating MH856UST with latest PointWrite™ technology is a great way to let multiple students contribute at once. BenQ brings interactive innovation and touch solutions to a new level of simplicity, ease and control, supporting flipped learning and engaging students like never before. Teachers now can turn any space into an interactive whiteboard and get up to 4 students to collaborate simutaneously with PointWrite™ pens or simply with fingers.

MW855USTDual Screen with Multiple Touch Capabilities

  • BenQ Dual Screen feature allows teachers to create an immersive learning experienced by connecting two PointWrite interactive projectors to project two seamlessly merged screens. This creates a super-sized space for learning the solar system, virtual field trip around the world, or simply a great big canvas for co-creation
  • Friendly and Easy Installation Solutions

Corner Fit Correction

  • Corner Fit is the go-to feature for when the projector is used to project on restricted or uneven space, such as within a certain frame. It is a flexible and convenient way to correct each distorted corner to get a perfect rectangular image.
mh856ust|FeaturePower Saving , Eco Friendly
Saving More on Power Consumption with BenQ’s SmartEco Technology
  • Offering lower TCO and optimized projection through dynamic power saving, uncompromised brightness, exquisite picture quality and optimized lamp life - SmartEco™ Technology has perfected what a DLP projector can do. With this innovation, schools and corporates are able to save up to 70% of lamp power consumption and lower maintenance costs through dynamic power saving features while bringing an ultra-vivid viewing experience into every presentation.

MW727SmartEco Mode: Power Smarter

  • By detecting the input content to determine the amount of brightness required for optimum color and contrast performance, the SmartEco Mode is able to reduce lamp power while delivering the finest image quality. No compromise!
  • *SmartEco Mode, the dynamic power saving mode,can save at least 70% power based on the projection content level.

Eco Blank Mode

  • The Eco Blank Mode, which lowers power consumption up to 70%, can be used to blank the projection screen when the projector is not in use, in turn eliminating distractions in class and redirecting students’ focuses back on the teacher.
  • Eco Blank Mode On 30% Lamp Power at the Lowest Attention on the Class Instructor.
  • Eco Blank Mode On 30% Lamp Power at the Lowest Attention on the Class Instructor.

No Source Detected Mode

  • The No Source Detected Mode, which can be set to enter the Eco Blank Mode after three minutes of inactivity or to the Auto Power Off Mode after no display source has been detected for over 30 minutes, can keep the projector from running with full lighting power.

MX666+Source Detected 100% Lamp Power

MX666+No Source Detected 30% Lamp Power

BenQ DLP Projectors︱ Long-Lasting Image Perfection with DLP Technology

Timeless Image Quality:

  • BenQ DLP Projectors are built with enduring enjoyment in mind, ensuring razor-sharp clarity, ultra-readability and true-to-life color for years to come. We use leading-edge DLP Technology to reflect pure light from millions of micro mirrors on a DMD chip through our advanced color wheels. Since the mirrors are colorless and protected within a nearly-sealed engine, BenQ DLP Projectors have no aging problems and are virtually immune to image decay, consistently delivering picture excellence time and time again. In fact, after 2,000 hours of intense usage, inserting a new bulb produces image quality comparable to a brand-new projector.
Non-DLP Projector

PU9530BenQ DLP Projector

  • DLP Technology also affords a filter-free engine design for carefree confidence in long-lasting image quality and reduced total cost of ownership. BenQ’s SmartEco™ Technology further boosts contrast performance and image quality endurance while saving up to 70% on lamp power consumption.

Razor-Sharp Clarity with Ultra-Readability

  • Enabling a 96% fill factor, DLP Technology supplies pixel circuitry behind the pixel, thereby eliminating the thick dark bezels around individual pixels, which diminish color and detail. A higher fill factor and less black border translate to noticeably purer, more intense color and smoother image quality. 
  • BenQ DLP Projectors also feature high contrast ratios for flawless rendering of small text, fine lines, and dark scene details. Blacks are deeper and overall image quality is more focused and clean. Your presentations will be easily readable and highly effective, even from the back row of a well-lit venue.
More Information
Product Name BenQ MH856UST 3500 Lumens DLP FHD Projector
Weight 5.00
Projection System DLP
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Contrast Ratio 10000:1
Native Resolution FHD (1920x1080)
Projection Size 88.9"~110‎
Throw Ratio 0.33
Lumens 3001-4000
Lumens 3500 Lumens
Lamp Type 280 Watts
Lamp Life 3000 hours normal
Dimensions (WxDxH) 373.3 x 287.5 x 201mm
Power Consumption 380 Watts
Manufacturer BenQ
Color White
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