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DMInteract All-in-one Interactive 55" Multi-touch LED

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DMinteract 55 becomes the versatile tool which give you the computing and presentation power at at touch. It can be used for smart meetings, small rooms and mid sized room presentation with approximately 15-20 audience size, cross network collaboration, Distant teaching and learning and most of all for smart decision making

Technology has now given us Interactive LEDs which make controlling the digital content much easier. Be it the content on the internet, video conferencing or presentation and office documents interactive LEDS have made the office and living space around us smarter.

DMInteract is the brand to reckon with when one seeks Interactivity with crystal clear display combining the best experience of all sense into one neat package known as DMInteract interactive displays.

DMInteract introduces a new era of interactive collaborative and teaching experience with various sizes of Full HD and 4K Resolution Commercial Grade Displays with built in PC Module.


With the great innovation in the world of visual more and more organizations and individual are moving towards smart meetings, collaboration and display. DMInteract has provide the right product blend to match the smart needs of the organization. With DMInteract display the smart technology is available at your touch.

Specially focused on extreme environments, safety, longevity, touch sensitivity and deep concentration of pixels providing dynamic visuals, DMInteract has harnessed the power of Intel i5 processor to bring to you an All-in-one access to the digital world. Supporting the two most renowned Operating System (OS) in the world, the brand has combined the power of Android and Windows into one device providing access to both OS.

DMinteract 55 becomes the versatile tool which give you the computing and presentation power at at touch. It can be used for smart meetings, small room presentation, cross network collaboration, Distant teaching and learning and most of all for smart decision making.


DMInteract is All-in-one Interactive LED which brings multiple technologies together.


LED Backlighting

There are three type of LED commercial displays but with thorough research DMInteract® have chosen the technology which give awesome display along with balance of power consumption, control and heat generation. This comes in the form of LED Backlighting Full-Array LEDs which holds advantage over CCFL LCDs in all aspects. Also they are behind the screen instead of being on edges as the case with Edge-Lit LEDs thus giving more dynamic and vibrant colours and brightness being uniformly distributed. The technology also gives higher range of contrast ratios. Furthermore the technology does not use Mercury in the production process thus making it environmentally friendly.


Not Just touch but multi-touch. This means that because of meetings or teaching lessons being collaborative the DMInteract® has built in the capability of more than one person using the interactive feature at the same time. This makes the entire experience much more vibrant and collaborative. Using the latest in Infra Red (IR) technology the DMInteract® LED interactive displays provide a failover technology in which chances of any area becoming non response is next to zero. Each IR receptor is covering multiple areas thus providing failover.


Processing power

For a true All in one machine which makes not only provides access you to digital world but makes it interactive, robust processing power is required. We have chosen the power of Intel® i5 processor and Windows operating system to provide the user the opportunity to make use of the computing capability available to them. The computing power can be increased on demand. On the other hand the screen also comes with a separate 
processor to run android and all the applications available on Android. The segregated processor helps in providing computing power being available to the use.


Safety is a basic human need. No matter how much the technology progresses without safety features it will eventually lead to the downfall of the brand and its related products. DMInteract has kept multiple safety features of the interactive LED in mind. The glass being used is anti glare to safeguard the vision and light fading/reflection effect on the retina of the audience. Plus glass is reinforced so it does not shatter or break easily. Multiple heat sinks ensure that no part becomes warm enough to burn. The stands have been tested to predefined weight limits. All of these to ensure that the brand promise is delivered.

10 Point Touch

Support 6 point touch, 10 pointt touch (optional) leading technology in the world. Opening a new era for interactive teaching experience.

DM-IL55OPS PC Module (Optional)

DMInteract flat panels compatible OPS+ATX architecture modular PC at the same time, can be manually removed to maintain the whole machine internal walk the line, the machines without any external connection.


Dynamic Image Control

Images can easily be moved, scaled and rotated with yuor fingers marking presentations, more interesting, dynamic and interactive.

Optional PC Configurations:

DMInteract interactive devices are available with PC Module (optional) too. They are available with Core i5 PC, 4GB RAM, 500GB Hard Drive and Pre Installed Windows 8 (Optional Windows 10). 

More Information
Product Name DMInteract All-in-one Interactive 55" Multi-touch LED
Weight 24.27 Kg
Screen Size 55" (inch)
Resolution 1920x1080 (Full HD)
Brightness 350 nits
Built-In Speakers Yes
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Bezel Width -
Contrast Ratio 4000:1
Dimensions 1290 x 782.6 x 65 mm
Manufacturer DMInteract
Color Black
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