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Epson EB-G7000W WXGA 6500 Lumens 3LCD Projector

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Easy to set-up and with low maintenance requirements, this 6,500-lumens WXGA installation projector boasts bright images and vivid colours.


Epson high brightness EB-G7000 series projectors present a new perspective on clarity, durability, and versatility. With the advanced C2 Fine and 4K Enhancement Technology, projections are brought to life with vibrant colours in extreme resolution and vividness. Overcome the limitations of space constraints and project large and uncompromised images through the projector’s astoundingly short throw ratio of 0.35.

Enjoy stunning, dynamic projections with Epson EB-G7000 projector series. Powerful, user-friendly and equipped with the latest 4K enhancement and super resolution technology, these projectors deliver smooth and high-contrast presentations every time. With an incredible 50,000:1 contrast ratio, expect crisp, clear presentations that are beyond Full HD.

Enhanced Image Quality

WUXGA – Beyond Full HD Resolution

With WUXGA resolution (1,920 x 1,200 pixels), you enjoy a sharp, clear display of Full HD video (1,920 x 1,080 pixels) images down to the smallest details even on large-screen projections for an incredible dynamic viewing experience.


Brighter, More Colourful Images

The single 400W lamp produces up to 8,000 lumens of light to deliver dazzling high-defi nition images, ideal for large auditoriums, lecture halls and conference rooms. Epson’s advanced optical engine system ensures no compromise on colour intensity even at high brightness levels. This means you can captivate your audience with bright vibrant colours in any environment with Epson’s colour management capability.

 EB-G7800  EB-G7800

Vivid Contrast Brings Images to Life

Differences in brightness from image to image can result in loss of details. Epson’s Auto Iris feature changes that by offering an incredible 50,000:1 contrast ratio, automatically adjusting images for optimal clarity. In combination with C2 FineTM technology, the EB-G7000 series consistently delivers stunning vivid images with exceptional contrast for truly inspiring presentations.

 EB-G7800     EB-G7800

Low contrast image                                                       High contrast image

High-definition Images with 4K Enhancement Technology

4K enhancement technology shifts each pixel diagonally by 0.5 pixels to double the resolution to 3840 x 2160, surpassing Full HD image quality to give you unbelievable sharpness, clarity and detail on all your presentations.

* Only applicable for EB-G7400U and EB-G7905U.

Note: This function can only be used when the input signal is 1080p or higher, and is recommended for projecting HD videos only, not documents.


Frame Interpolation

Enjoy clearer, sharper playback even on fast-moving subjects with Epson’s Frame Interpolation Technology. This unique function effectively eliminates motion blurring by inserting intermediate frames between images to create smoother motion transition.


Colour Adjustment

With the colour adjustment function, you can easily adjust the hue, saturation and brightness for each component of RGBCMY to match your preferences.



This colour mode produces images with clear shadows, ideal for projecting X-rays and other medical images.


Normal colour mode                                            DICOM SIM mode

* This projector series is not a medical device and cannot be used for actual medical diagnosis.

Super-resolution Technology

Epson’s super-resolution technology delivers razor-sharp images even when projecting low-resolution content onto large screens. And with image data processed frame by frame, even rapid motion remains crisp.


Super-resolution off                                                  Super-resolution on

Resilient Durability

Maintenance Has Never Been Easier

A clever ergonomic design means you can change lamps and filters easily without having to uninstall the projector from the ceiling.

EB-G7800  EB-G7800

Longer Projector Lifespan

By combining Epson’s proprietary C2 FineTM (Crystal Clear Fine) Technology, inorganic LCD panels and Epson’s optimised cooling system, the Epson EB-G7000 series is able to guarantee up to 20,000 hours or 3 years (whichever comes fi rst) of long-lasting performance, even for 24/7 continuous usage. They deliver high quality bright images and operate on low noise, making them ideal for meeting rooms, lecture halls, museums and any other venues.

* Under 25°C environment with lamp change.

Versatile Projections and Placements

Powered Lens with Stepping Motor

The powered lens with stepping motor offers limitless possibilities in projector placement. Covering a wide range of angles, the motorised lens shift gives you a great deal of fl exibility when installing the projector. The newly adopted stepping motor lets you make highly precise adjustments when employing edge blending, stacking and other techniques. Adjustments can also be made via remote control or over a network, enhancing usability even for ceiling-mounted projectors.

Lens-position Memory

With storage for up to 10 settings in the projector memory, including shift positions, focus and projection sizes, you can easily and quickly adjust the projector according to the aspect ratio of content simply by using either the remote controller or command control.


Zero Offset, Ultra-short Throw Lens

A revolutionary invention of Epson, this powerful lens is especially useful for environments with extremely limited lens-to-screen distances. The short throw ratio of 0.35 with zero-offset and the projector’s front-mounted exhaust system means you can project onto 100-inch screens even from as near as 74cm away. When combined with lens shift (+17% vertically, ±10% horizontally), these features simplify usage where space is at a premium.


Extensive Lens Options

The Epson EB-G7000 series offers an extensive line-up of optional lenses to fi t any venue or subject. And with the new ELPLX01 zero offset, ultra-short throw lens, you can install the projector even in tight spaces.


Split Screen

Display images from two different sources side by side on the same screen for a more effective presentation. In video conferences, for example, images of presentation materials and remote participants can be shown simultaneously. In addtion, split screen display between two digital interfaces is now possible with the EB-G7000 series.


Portrait and 360° Projection

The new portrait mode allows you to place your projector on its side with no impact to its performance, enabling you to project your images vertically without compromising on image quality. This makes it ideal for the projection of advertisements and digital signage. And with 360° projection, you can project images from any angle, so there’s no limitation, whatever the space restrictions.


        Portrait projection

Projection on Wide Curved and Corner Spaces

Fit your projection images nicely even on non-fl at surfaces. Create stunning projection images on wide curved surfaces and corner walls, ideal for advertisements and marketing promotions.


Borderless Multi Projection

Offering a variety of functions for multi-projector installations, the EB-G7000 series lets you adjust brightness, colour and the position of overlapping areas for seamless, beautiful displays. There is also an Auto Scaling function for easy multi-projector displays and an Advanced Edge Blending function for more precise edge-blending adjustment.


Colour Matching/Brightness Level

Enjoy uniform colour and brightness even when using multiple projectors.


Advanced Edge Blending

Precisely adjust edge blending to combine multiple edges for a seamless, unified look. This function allows you to fi ne-tune the start position and edge width of the blend as well as the area of the black level in the blend. It also prevents the main subject from being overlapped. As a tip, you can reduce the size of the overlapping areas to decrease the time it takes to combine multiple images.


Point Correction

Easily correct single-projector distortion or multi-projector misalignment directly on the screen. Quickly fi ne-tune the images by adjusting point by point from right to left, top to bottom, using a projected maximum 17x17 matrix.


Auto Scaling

This revolutionary function simplifi es the complicated scaling of images from multiple projectors so you can do it easily. Just select the screen layout from the pre-set menu and the projector automatically sets the slice area, scaling and edge-blend position.


Black Level

Experience uniform black levels in overlapping areas of images even when using multiple projectors.


Wide Range of Connectivity

The EB-G7000 series is compatible with a wide range of external devices, and additional ports now include DVI-D, HDMI and HDBaseT. Ideal for large venues, HDBaseT can transmit Full HD video, audio and Ethernet at low cost through cat 5e/6 cables up to 100 metres.


Ease of Maintenance

EasyMP Monitor and Message Broadcasting

With Epson’s network monitoring and control software, you can see from a single PC which projectors are available and whether they are running effi ciently – even across the biggest network. You can confi gure your projectors and access their serial numbers remotely, as well as receive instant email alerts for pre-defi ned critical indicators such as non-functioning devices or overheating lamps. Now you can send messages or announcements as JPEG files simultaneously to any number of projectors on a network. This makes the EB-G7000 projector series very useful for immediate communication needs or even emergencies.


Web Control

By connecting your projector to a network, you can adjust your projector installation entries from a PC or smart device.


Auto Power On

With the auto power on function, your projector will automatically turn on once the projection signal is detected, providing you with an easy and hassle-free presentation.

Eco Features

  • Uses just 0.3W of power in standby mode
  • Projector optics employ lead-free lenses
  • Unpainted plastic housing reduces the environment impact
  • The flame retardants used in the plastic housing do not contain chlorine or bromine


See colours like never before. Epson 3LCD projectors deliver brilliant colours that match its white brightness to give you balanced, realistic, and vibrant images. It’s no wonder Epson projectors are the people’s preferred choice.

Up to 3X Wider Colour Gamut

Colour gamut refers to the range of colours that can be reproduced by a display device – the wider the gamut, the more realistic it is. Epson 3LCD projectors project three times wider gamut that matches closely to the original standard of a display device (sRGB), as compared to 1-chip projectors.


Comparing the yellow corners among the three gamuts, 1-chip projectors have a distinctly darker and smaller set of colours which are not as vibrant as Epson 3LCD projectors.

Up to 3X Brighter Colours

Epson 3LCD projectors deliver up to three times the colour brightness, effortlessly creating the same colour and white brightness, resulting in faithful images with superior colour balance.


No Rainbow Effect

With 1-chip projectors, the spinning motion of the sequential colour wheels tend to cause colours to break out into distinct red, green and blue. Called the rainbow effect, this may cause users to suffer headaches with prolonged viewing. Epson projectors do not give out this effect, giving users a comfortable experience.



3LCD projectors offer brighter and more accurate colours as they produce different shades and hues by filtering, then mixing beams of the three primary colours (red, green and blue).

In a 3LCD projector, white light is first split into the three beams of primary colours. Each beam is then fi ltered through its own LCD that will give each individual pixel of the image its exact brightness for each colour. The colour beams are then perfectly recombined in a prism before being projected out as a complete image.

This compares to projectors using single-chip technology that actually project individual colours sequentially by filtering their single white light beam through a colour wheel, and then relying on human colour perception to combine the colours in the viewers’ minds.

As a result, 3LCD projectors also offer greater detail, smoother gradations, no “colour breakup” effect, are easier on viewers’ eyes, and consume about 25% less power to achieve the same brightness compared to a single-chip projector using a lamp of the same wattage.


3LCD projector : RGB are projected at the same time, which makes the single composite image easy on the eyes

• An independent test by projector review media in 2009 of about 800 projectors found that on average, 3LCD projectors use 25% less power than single-chip projectors.

More Information
Product Name Epson EB-G7000W WXGA 6500 Lumens 3LCD Projector
Weight 5.76 Kg
Projection System 3LCD
Aspect Ratio 16:10
Contrast Ratio 50000:1
Native Resolution WXGA (1280x800)
Projection Size 50 inches - 300 inches
Throw Ratio 1.44 - 2.33:1
Lumens 6001-7000
Lumens 6500 Lumens
Lamp Type 400 W
Lamp Life 3,000 h durability, 4,000 h durability (economy mode)
Dimensions (WxDxH) 525‎ x 472 x 189 mm
Power Consumption 515 Watt, 477 Watt (economy), 0.3 Watt (standby)
Manufacturer Epson
Color White
Country of Origin United Arab Emirates
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