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Equil Smartpen 2

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Save, share and organize notes and sketches using real ink and real paper.

Convert your handwriting to text you can edit

Stop spending time typing up your handwritten notes! With Equil Note's handwriting recognition feature, transform your notes into editable text to email your team, or convert selected content to enhance readability.

Share Easily

Equil works on all devices, and it frees you from your notebook. Take notes or make sketches on any paper surface and quickly and easily push them to the cloud.

Share your notes and ideas with friends and colleagues through email, and other apps, whether it’s a couple of to-dos on a page, a handwritten letter, or a collection of notes from meetings with your client.

Fits Your Lifestyle

Equil Smartpen 2 plays well with the things you already have, which means there’s no special paper to buy. Plus, your notes sync between your devices, so they’re always accessible.

Take it with you

Equil Smartpen 2 is ultraportable. Write notes on the go and transfer them to your computer, tablet, or smartphone when you’re ready. The pen and receiver have built-in memory to store notes when not connected to a device, so you never lose important data. They’re also rechargeable so you can write continuously for up to eight hours between charges.

Collaborate in real time with local and global teams

Make meetings and presentations more effective and interactive by streaming notes using Equil Note Stream. Highlight key ideas on the fly, insert text and images and allow contributions from remote participants.

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Product Name Equil Smartpen 2
Weight 0.16 Kg
Manufacturer Equil
Color White
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