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Optoma DLP Projector X600 XGA 6000 Lumens

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This Product Has Been Discontinued!

  • 6000 lumens bright output makes it ideal for large screen applications
  • DisplayPort and HDMI ports for full digital connectivity
  • Full 3D compatibility. Studies show information is more easily retained when material is presented in 3D
  • Over the network management and control capability makes it the perfect projector for large installations


Creston Roomview® - NETWORK CONTROL

RoomView® software provides a custom configurable interface to monitor, manage and control every device in every room remotely from any computer
  • Manage up to 250 projectors at the same time (via master PC).
  • Control and alter the projector settings using a simple web browser page including OSD menu control.
  • Set up email alerts for warning message
  • Ideal for large installations in both the educational and business environments.

RS232 Control

The extensive RS232 command set makes it simple and easy to control the X600 with any control system.

AMX Compatibility – Dynamic Discovery

Protocol is incorporated into the X600. This feature allows for easy installation with AMX control systems
Extensive Connectivity
This native XGA projector accepts a wide variety of computer and video input signals.
Connectivity includes: HDMI, DVI-D, dual VGA (SCART/ Component via adaptor), S-Video, Composite, VGA-Out, RS232 , RJ45 and +12V trigger.
Two audio inputs for individual PC and video connections enable the X600 to function as an audio switcher and volume controller, thereby eliminating complicated and costly additional audio hardware and cabling.

Clear, Focused Images

DarkChip3™ technology from Texas Instruments produces a stunning 3000:1 contrast ratio for pin sharp graphics and crystal clear text. Crisper whites, ultra-rich blacks makes images come alive and text easier to read

  • ideal for business and education presentation.


Environmentally Friendly

The X600 incorporates energy saving features to conserve power and extend the lamp life:

To achieve the maximum 3500hrs² lamp life time the projector should be operating in STD mode and the shut down timer should be enabled to automatically switch off the projector if it is accidentally left on when no longer required. Enabling the <0.5W Standby mode will ensure the minimum energy consumption when the projector is not being used.

Amazing Colours

The X600 incorporates BrilliantColor™ technology to produce stunningly bright images with perfectly balanced life-like colours.

Extra Features

  • Easy lamp replacement from the top cover
  • Direct power on – start up time is significantly reduced as standby mode is bypassed when the power cable is inserted into an active power outlet. This eliminates the need to use the 'Power' button on the remote control or the projector keypad.
  • Signal power on – the projector will power on when it receives a signal. This eliminates the need to use the 'Power' button on the remote control or the projector keypad.
  • Auto power off – if after a pre-determined time the projector does not receive a signal, it will turn itself off automatically, conserving power and extending the life of the lamp.
  • Key pad lock – once enabled prevents unauthorised adjustments ensuring the projector can only be controlled via the remote control.
  • +12v Trigger – electric screen control
  • Logo capture – customise your start up screen
  • Easy to use remote with laser pointer, mouse control and direct source selection

Virtually Maintenance Free = Lower Cost of Ownership

X600 provides lower cost of ownership, longer life and improved reliability. The filter-free projector design does not require regular filter cleaning or filter replacement, saving you time and money.

Colour Guarantee

We are so confident that the X600 image colour quality will remain as good as the day you bought it that Optoma will guarantee it for five years.

3D technology

Using the inherent speed of DLP® technology, Optoma Full 3D projectors can output video and images at an astonishing rate of 120Hz, allowing you to show full screen, full colour, stereoscopic 3D. The 3D effect is generated by splitting this signal into two standard video streams, one for each eye. Using DLP® Link™ technology, the 3D glasses synchronise with the image on screen to filter each stream to the correct eye. Your brain then combines the two streams to make them jump into life.
The X600 supports multiple 3D formats from various devices such as PC, Blu-ray 3D™, Sony® PS3, Microsoft® Xbox 360 or 3D TV broadcast system.

PJ-Link Compatibility

System integration control

Multiple X600 can be monitored over LAN and can also provide the user with an email message alert in case an error occurs or a lamp fails or needs to be replaced using Crestron Roomview. The web browser interface and full support for Telnet, Extron’s IP Link, AMX dynamic device discovery and PJ-Link protocols, allow almost all aspects of the X600 to be controlled across a network, keeping you in control, wherever you are.
Global monitoring of all AV devices
Track projector lamp life
Email alerts and instant notifications- help desk requests, service reminders, device failure or theft
Event Scheduling

Easy to use remote control

  1. BNC
  2. Composite Video
  3. VGA 2
  4. S-Video
  5. VGA 2
  6. Zoom
  7. Format (aspect ratio)
  8. Volume Up/Down
  9. Source
  10. Information Panel
  11. Four Directional Select Keys
  12. Display mode / left mouse button
  13. Function 1 (assignable)
  14. Test Pattern
  15. Power On
  16. Power Off
  17. Mouse
  18. Function 2 (assignable)
  19. AV Mute / right mouse button
  20. Laser
  21. Re-Sync
  22. Page Up/Down
  23. Menu
  24. Remote code All
  25. Remote code 01~99
  26. HDMI 2
  27. HDMI 1
  28. DVI
  29. 3D Mode
  30. DisplayPort
  31. Component Video
  32. USB Remote Mouse
  33. VGA Out
  34. VGA 1
  35. VGA 2
  36. DisplayPort
  37. HDMI 1
  38. HDMI 2
  39. 3D Sync
  40. +12V Trigger (3.5mm)
  41. Audio In (S-Video & Composite)
  42. RJ45
  43. Audio Out
  44. RS-232C
  45. Audio In (VGA, VGA 2, & Composite)
  46. S-Video
  47. Composite Video
  48. KensingtonTM Lock
Exceptional Connectivity / Multiple Terminals
More Information
Product Name Optoma DLP Projector X600 XGA 6000 Lumens
Weight 1.68 Kg
Projection System DLP
Aspect Ratio 4:3
Contrast Ratio 10000:1
Native Resolution XGA (1024x768)
Projection Size 0.71 – 8.34m (28.01” - 328.38”) Diagonal 4:3
Throw Ratio 1.8 - 2.1:1
Lumens 5001-6000
Lumens 6000 ANSI Lumens
Lamp Type 310W
Lamp Life 4000/3000/2500 (hrs)
Dimensions (WxDxH) 326 x 254 x 104 mm
Power Consumption 370W Bright mode / 320W Eco mode (< 0.5W Standby)
Manufacturer Optoma
Color Silver
Country of Origin China
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