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BenQ GS1 WXGA 300 Lumens DLP Portable Projector for Outdoor Family

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BenQ GS1 with Camping Mode is a portable, cable free, outdoor leisure projector that works brilliantly at night. Enjoy movies on a 60" Screen at just 1M, weighing less than 1KG it will fit into any space. One touch set up means it's ideal for non technical users. GS1 is the outdoor camping gear you won't leave home without.


BenQ GS1 with Camping Mode is a portable, cable free, outdoor leisure projector that works brilliantly at night. Enjoy movies on a 60" Screen at just 1M, weighing less than 1KG it will fit into any space. One touch set up means it's ideal for non technical users. GS1 is the outdoor camping gear you won't leave home without.

Outdoor Camping Gear for Endless Possibilities

The first BenQ projector designed to bridge the gap between indoor and outdoor space, giving you endless entertainment possibilities. Try something new and transform your camping experience into one that you’ll never forget. The GS1is packed with all the benefits of an indoor projector. So bring the GS1 along and set up camp wherever you want!


Cable Free For Outdoor Leisure


Family Friendly Design

Designed with families in mind, GS1 is cable free so you can put it on a camping table or any other surface to suit your surroundings. You’ll be the envy of other campers, with no cables you can just sit back, relax and enjoy some well-earned downtime. Even if children are running around no one is going to accidentally trip over wires in the dark!

Enjoy the freedom of Cable Free Entertainment


Built in USB Readers for Multimedia Entertainment

With built-in USB readers watching content like movies,music and videos in seconds has never been simpler. GS1 has USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 ports you decide what you want to share with friends and family.


Connect Your Devices with Bluetooth

Designed with Bluetooth 4.0 you can connect your Bluetooth speakers for great audio experience. For quieter moments you can enjoy a movie under the stars with your own Bluetooth headphones and even connect your keyboard and play games in style.


Play All of the Favorites by BenQ Video Tray

BenQ Video Tray App helps you easily manage your favorite YouTube videos, and you can bring those favorited clips to the big screen with simple clicks on your phone.


Stream Online Content Instantly

Keep even the fussiest teenagers happy. If you’re on a camp site with internet you can share and stream instantly. So you can access content to suit the group and relax. 

You’ll be the envy of other campers. Just sit back, relax and enjoy some well-earned downtime.

Designed For Outdoor Family Life


Robust Rubber Case

GS1 has a standard rubber case, perfect for families who need a little more protection.Our designers understand that camping outdoors with your family means everything has to be stronger, tougher and more robust than normal. The family- friendly GS1 is the only outdoor camping gear you need for entertainment. These design features give parents additional peace of mind so you can relax and enjoy time together.

IPX1 Splash Proof

Perhaps you’ve put the GS1 on the camping table ready for the movie to begin. What if a drink gets spilt? There’s no need to worry because GS1’s rubberised case is also IPX1 Splash Proof.

Drop Proof

If children are running around playing games or an adult trips, even if it’s accidentally knocked onto the floor, the GS1 with its case is Drop proof, which means it will even survive a fall of 60cm.

Low Heat

Unlike other projectors, the GS1 emits low heat making it safe enough for inquisitive children to touch without hurting their hands.

Hassle Free Set Up In One Touch


Entertain in 3 Seconds

GS1 will power up in just 3 seconds– so you can expand your world and entertain friends in style! Use the simple On/Off switch and let GS1 do the rest.


Auto keystone

Auto keystone adjusts the image to suit the screen accordingly – whether it’s your tent, caravan or motorhome. Ideal for non-technical users, GS1 makes entertaining simple wherever you go.


Adjustable Feet

Wherever you set up, the feet can be manually adjusted to suit the height of your temporary screen- the GS1 is ready to go wherever you are.



Compact, Palm Sized For Any Space

Palm Sized for Real Portability

The GS1 (13.9cm x 14.6cm) is small enough to fit into the palm of your hand. To ensure the GS1 is the outdoor camping gear you'd never leave home without, BenQ designers realised it had to be truly portable. The GS1 can be packed into any car trunk or caravan cupboard so there’s no excuse for evenings to be dull ever again.


Set Up Your Movie Wherever You Go - Weighs Under 1Kg

Compact but powerful, the GS1 and battery weighs just 1kg and fits into the palm of your hand. Once you’ve found your pitch, this is your chance to amaze friends and family and be the talk of the campsite.


3 Hour Battery Life with Direct Swap

One of the first things people consider with consumer devices is the battery life. That’s why the GS1 has been designed specifically for outdoor entertainment. Even if you are watching movies, videos or listening to music, GS1 can keep the action going. With a 3-hour battery GS1 has more than enough power to last the evening and ensure you don’t upset your campers!


Swap out Your Battery in Seconds

If you need a boost just swap it for a new one, there’s no need for a charging cable. The GS1 battery can be replaced with an additional battery in seconds so for those planning on staying up all night can keep the fun going.


Picture Modes to Suit Your Needs

GS1 comes with five picture modes: Camping, Vivid, Bright, Movie and Office. This means you can enjoy the best experience depending on where you are and what you want to watch. Camping mode is the default mode on GS1 and is ideal for playing movies outdoors where ambient light is limited. When you go home, the two most popular modes are Vivid and Movie. Vivid mode is ideal for watching cartoons when you want colourful and vivid images. Movie mode is designed to display the true colours of the film and is ideal when using in a dark room.


Adjust the Environment Lit Mode to Suit You


On a long summer night when the environment is lighter than usual, select Daytime Mode, which makes colors stronger and purer. In Evening Mode, GS1 makes the picture brighter without losing the definition of the image in the bright areas.



GS1 gives you the choice of mode according to the environment. This is the default setting for GS1 and is the most comfortable setting for our eyes. So wherever you are the GS1 can adapt to suit the location and light around you. GS1 is the only portable LED projector you need for entertainment under the stars.


Camp Fire/Star Night

If you are watching a movie by the Camp Fire this mode is perfect when light is low.Or if you are sitting back and watching films outside then select Star Mode; this will help to make the picture darker but at the same time keep all the details in the dark area sharp and clear, perfect for those moonlit nights.


Enjoy a Movie Experience That's out of This World

Setting up under the stars is easy with GS1. This is the outdoor camping gear the whole family can enjoy.As you travel with friends and family the cable free design gives you complete freedom to entertain wherever you want. So when you arrive and check out the facilities, however crowded or remote the site is GS1 is all you need. Once you’ve tried it, GS1 will become the outdoor camping gear you won’t leave home without!


Big Pictures in Any Space 60" Screen @ 1m

GS1 has one of the shortest portable projector lenses. It can throw a 60” image from just 1 metre away. For larger crowds you can buy a screen accessory, whether camping out in the forest or at home in your backyard. With GS1 you always have movies on the move. 

More Information
Product Name BenQ GS1 WXGA 300 Lumens DLP Portable Projector for Outdoor Family
Weight 0.45 Kg
Projection System DLP
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Contrast Ratio 100000:1
Native Resolution WXGA (1280x720)
Projection Size 30''~200''
Throw Ratio 0.8:1 (60"@1m)
Lumens 1-1000
Lumens 300 Lumens
Lamp Type OSRAM Q8
Lamp Life 20,000/30,000 hours
Bluetooth No
Power Consumption 45W‎
Dimensions (WxDxH) 146mm x 139.2mm x 46.5mm (without battery) 146mm x 139.2mm x 65.7mm (with battery)‎
Manufacturer BenQ
Color White
Country of Origin Taiwan, Province of China
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