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Epson ELPLL06 Long Throw Lens

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Compatible with one or more items in this range Epson EB-G6900WU, Epson EB-G6800, Epson EB-G6650WU, Epson EB-G6550WU, Epson EB-G6450WU, Epson EB-G6350

Epson ELPLL06 Long Throw Lens:

The models below are compatible with one or more items in this range. For more details, please refer to the given models.

Lens (Long Throw) - ELPLL06

Epson EB-G6900WU Epson EB-G5900NL Epson EB-G5300NL VIDEO PROJECTOR EB-G6570WU
Epson EB-G6800 Epson EB-G5900 Epson EB-G5300 Projector EB-G6370
Epson EB-G6650WU Epson EB-G5750WUNL Epson EB-G5200WNL for EUL Dom 240v EB-G6270W
Epson EB-G6550WU Epson EB-G5750WU Epson EB-G5200WNL VIDEO PROJECTOR EB-G6070W
Epson EB-G6450WU Epson EB-G5650WNL Epson EB-G5200W Projector EB-G5750WU
Epson EB-G6350 Epson EB-G5650W Epson EB-G5150NL WL  
Epson EB-G6250W Epson EB-G5600NL

Epson EB-G6050W Epson EB-G5600 Epson EB-G5100 VIDEO PROJECTOR  
Epson EB-G5950NL Epson EB-G5450WU EB-G6970WU  
Epson EB-G5950 Epson EB-G5350NL VIDEO PROJECTOR EB-G6770WU  
More Information
Product Name Epson ELPLL06 Long Throw Lens
Weight 0.45 Kg
Manufacturer Epson
Color Black & Light Grey
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