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Hikvision DS-D42C16-H LED Display Controller

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LED Control Card
  • 16 Gigabit Ethernet output ports, with up to 4096 × [email protected] Hz signal input
  • DP1.2 input interface: Up to 4096 × [email protected] Hz
  • Dual HDMI2.0 input interface: 4096 × [email protected] Hz ( Up to 7680 × [email protected] Hz supported)
  • DVI input interface: Up to 3840 × [email protected] Hz
  • Automatic source search: Enabled by default.
  • 3D synchronized signal input and output interface: 3D signal accessible, 3840 × [email protected] Hz input and output for each card.
  • Audio device access: Audio device accessible, with audio input and output interfaces.
  • Light sensor extension: Realize light sensor adjustment with no need to add a multi-functional card.
  • Dual-mode remote control expansion interfaces: Infrared and USB RF Wi-Fi expansion interfaces, remote control enabled.
  • Competent with load capacity: 10 MP

  • Cloud upgrade: Remote cloud online upgrade accessible.
  • Strip display: Single line super long subtitle display with the content being left-justified, right-justified, centered, or scrolled.
  • Remote control with the screen displaying remote control UI menu.
  • Scene management: Scenes customizable and switchable.
  • Multi-controller cascade display realizes better synchronization.
  • 3840 Hz high refresh rate and nanosecond response time ensure smooth video pictures.
  • Split-screen display: Enable customized content and slogans displayed on both sides.
  • Automatic dehumidification to protect the lamp beads from damp, applicable for different areas with four degrees of dehumidification modes.
  • Anti-Blue light screen with a certificate issued by TUV.
  • 256 degrees of luminance adjustment through device button, PC client, and remote control.
  • Signal switchable through device button, PC client, and remote control.
More Information
Product Name Hikvision DS-D42C16-H LED Display Controller
Weight 3.51 Kg
Manufacturer HIKVision
Color Black
Country of Origin China
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