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Hitachi EPPF120J240UADG HEPA Filter With Deodorizing Air Purifier - Dark Gray

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  • Intuitive Design
  • Designed to Fit Perfectly in any Corner
  • Antimicrobial Allergen-free HEPA Filter traps 99.97%
  • Monitor Air Quality - Easy Filter Maintenance
  • Minimizes Operation Sound when You Sleep
  • High Performance Filtration Technology - Deodorizing Filter, Antimicrobial Allergen-free HEPA Filter
  • Captures Harmful Particles You Can’t See in Air
  • Captures Particles as Small as 0.02μm
  • Hitachi Powerful Air Delivery Technology


Massive Air Volume of 12m3/min

Hitachi unique technology exclusively designed for its air purifier enables extremely high air flow of up to 12m3/min*, ensuring purified air reaches every corner of the room.

Hitachi Powerful Air Delivery Technology

Hitachi original technology with ultra-efficient fan motor and air pathway design enables massive air volume and effective airflow.

Stylish Auto Louvres

Auto louvres deliver purified air throughout your whole room.

Captures Particles as Small as 0.02μm

The sealed filtration system with Antimicrobial Allergen-free HEPA Filter captures 90% of ultrafine particles as small as 0.02μm*.

Captures Harmful Particles You Can’t See in Air

Capture the harmful particles and unpleasant odours in your room.

High Performance Filtration Technology Deodorising Filter

Activated carbon in the Deodorising Filter captures odours and helps to reduce a wide range of unpleasant odours and TVOC in your room*.

Antimicrobial Allergen-free HEPA Filter

Multi-layered structure of the Antimicrobial Allergen-free HEPA Filter with silver-based antimicrobial agent captures 99.97% of 0.3μm* fine particles, and suppresses the activities of captured allergen substances*4*5. And captured 90% of 0.02μm* ultrafine particles. What's more, the Deodorising Filter with activated carbon helps reduce unpleasant odours in your room*.

Intuitive Design

With its unique shape that naturally fits in any corner, the air purifier efficiently delivers wall-to-wall air circulation – yet you will hardly notice its presence. Its four-wheel casters allow you to manoeuvre it from room to room. During the night, with Night Mode, the LED automatically dims and lowers the sounds to 15dB* to ensure you sleep comfortably. The air purifier harmonises naturally in your room and works according to your lifestyle.

Designed to Fit Perfectly in any Corner

The back design perfectly fits room corners, combining the best air purifying performance with aesthetically-neat room space.

Easy to Manoeuvre

Comes with four-wheel casters, for easy manoeuvring from room to room, adding flexibility to your lifestyle.

Minimises Operation Sound when You Sleep

Night mode automatically detects lighting situation, and adjusts the brightness of LED display, minimising operation sound level down to 15dB* during your sleep at night.

Smart & Minimalist

The air purifier monitors and gives live updates any time you want to know the condition of the air in a room. This is indicated not only by the colour of the LED, but by numerical values stating the conditions of PM2.5, and odour or the total volatile organic compounds (TVOC). Filters can be easily taken out from the unit when the message appears on the display indicating time for filter change and maintenance.

Minimalist LED Displays

Provide information about the air quality of your room and settings, and appear whenever necessary

Monitor Air Quality

The LED colour displays show you the air quality in your room based on 5 different levels, with the LED number monitoring the level of PM2.5 particles and TVOC (Total Volatile Organic Compounds) in your room.

Easy Filter Maintenance

The LED shows the remaining time of each filter life (%) so you know while one* to replace / maintain* and when, to help minimise waste. The Pre-filter is also designed to be taken out easily.

More Information
Product Name Hitachi EPPF120J240UADG HEPA Filter With Deodorizing Air Purifier - Dark Gray
Weight 11.50 Kg
Room Size 84 Square Metre
Filter Type HEPA
Technology Hitachi Powerful Air Delivery Technology
Remote Control Yes
Dimensions 65.7 x 45.0 x 28.0
Color Blue Pearl Fade Metallic Finish
Manufacturer Hitachi
Country of Origin Japan
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